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  • Mobility programs to make you move better
  • Strength programs to make you faster and improve endurance
  • Rehab programs thru our Injury Clinic to get you back to training quicker.
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I have battled with this injury on and off for years. Your handout was super helpful and I have been doing the exercises and stretches everyday and have gotten a foam roller. My knee and hip are feeling better everyday. Thank you!
Katie S
I have a trigger point grid foam roller and worth the money. IT band stretches suggested have been an immense help and cured the resultant knee pain of right IT bands
Stuart L
I used the 6" roller and did the stretches and every thing worked out great. I was on a hilly 50 mile course with five ten mile loops and just before my last loop the flare up started. It felt like bee stings on the out side bottom of my left knee. I ran a three peak 18 mile course today with no issues. Thanks
Mike M

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Get the most out of your triathlon training with the help of our programs designed by our sports medicine experts that have cared for triathletes of all levels, from the first-timer to Olympic-level triathletes.

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