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Dave Scott and the ketogenic diet

Six-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion Dave Scott was well known for his fanatical attention to nutrition and diet at the height of his triathlon career. Scott used to be a very strict high carb, low-fat endurance athlete. I even recall reading a story about him back in his build-up to Kona one year where they talked about him washing his cottage cheese to rinse away any excess fat.

Times have changed.

Dave Scott is now a fan of the low-carb, high fat ketogenic diet and promotes the low-carb diet to the triathletes that he coaches as a better way to fuel their triathlon workouts.

The low-carb advocate talks to his athletes about adopting the low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle not just for performance benefits but for also for health reasons.

Dave Scott believes that triathletes and other endurance athletes can gain the following benefits from a low-carb, high fat diet and keto diets:

  • Improved fat metabolism during exercise.
  • Decreased overall inflammation.
  • Improved recovery from triathlon workouts.
  • Less stomach and GU issues with racing.
  • Lower need for food intake during racing.

Dave Scott breaks down some nutrition tips on transitioning to a low-carb, high fat diet with a slow transition period of cutting down carbohydrates inside of jumping straight into a ketogenic diet. The slow transition with help avoid issues such as the “keto flu” and excessive fatigue until your body becomes better at fat metabolism.

He also recommends keeping some low-carb, high fat snacks like nuts (macadamia nuts are highest in fat) or an avocado for healthy snacks on a ketogenic diet.

Dave Scott also believes it’s ok to have some flexibility with the ketogenic diet and allows his athletes to have a glass of dry wine or some dark chocolate.