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Things that non-triathletes say that drive triathletes crazy

While most of us will agree that triathlon training is serious business, sometimes its important to have a little bit of triathlon humor.

We all have those non-triathlete friends, family members or co-workers that seem to have the knack of saying the most annoying statements to us about our triathlon training

How many of these have you heard?

10. “Doesn’t all the running for triathlons ruin your knees?”

Nope. If fact my knees have never felt better! Sitting on the couch all day is going to ruin your knees…

9. “Do you do all those events on the same day?”

I’m not sure why this comment bothers me so much, but I hear it enough where I shouldn’t be surprised when a non-triathlete honestly asks if I plan to swim, bike and run all on the same day. Or maybe they ask how much of a break I take in-between each event, as if its a decathlon and I have time to sit on a bench someplace and relax until the next event.

8. “Do you need a ride?”

Uhhh…. no. I’m doing fine here on my own two feet. If I look that bad running or biking, why don’t you just call 911 and have them take me to the hospital?

7. “Aren’t you too old/heavy/short/tall/thin to do a triathlon?”

Is there really supposed to only be one type of triathlete? Did I miss that memo?

The best thing about triathlons is that anyone can do it regardless of age, sex, body type and shape. There’s all different lengths of triathlons from sprint distance triathlons to Ironman-distance triathlons depending on your experience.

6. “Oh, can you stop at the store and pick up a few things?”

Huh? Sure, let me just run the last 4 miles home with the gallon of milk balanced on my head. Usually this is the significant other asking me to stop and run errands as I’m heading out the door for my long run.

But I draw the line at picking up the dry-cleaning…

5. “Run, Forrest, Run!”

I usually hear this quote while on my Saturday morning triathlon-training run. It’s usually from someone in the passenger seat of a beat-up pick up truck right after they have thrown their empty bag of McDonalds out the window.

4. “You train for your triathlon every day?”

Not every day, Well, maybe every day if the significant other isn’t too upset with me

Just on days after I have to speak with you, for my sanity (and your safety). 

Apparently you can’t plead out on assault and battery just because someone said something annoying to you about training for a triathlon.

3. “I ran/swam in high school. I bet I could do a triathlon if I trained for a couple weeks…”

Seriously? That was 30+ years ago and 50 pounds ago.

The fastest I’ve seen you move is when Tina  brought in a dozen glazed chocolate donuts and left them in the break room last month and you were out of breathe for an hour.

2. “Did you win your triathlon?”

Why do I find this question so annoying?

I keep hoping I can come up with a witty response like “I was in the lead up to the last mile, but I ran into a burning building to save a family of 4, so I finished second by 5 seconds…”

1. “Have you done that triathlon in Hawaii?”

Why does it seem that I hear this question from the same co-worker every time after I do a triathlon? Might as well ask me if I raced in the Olympics.

What has been your most annoying comment or question a non-triathlete has said to you?

Leave it in the comment section below

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